Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pekin Theatre - Pekin, Illinois

The Pekin Theatre on South Capitol Street in downtown Pekin, Illinois, was built in 1928. The interior decor was Oriental, including ancient Chinese pagodas and Chinese goddess figures. Similar to other theaters of the late 1920s, the ceiling stars delivered the atmosphere to compliment the decor. The Pekin Theatre closed in 1980 and was demolished in 1987 to make way for the new police station. The statue was in the lobby of the theatre for years and is now in a museum in Pekin.

Palace Theater - Peoria, Illinois

The Palace Theatre was built by William Hull and opened in Peoria, Illinois, on January 6, 1921. It was at one time the best known of the many theaters which once stood in downtown Peoria. Originally a vaudeville house, The Palace was remodeled in 1929 into a movie theatre. It was remodeled again in 1936. The Palace played host to some of the biggest names in entertainment of the era, including Burns & Allen, Duke Ellington, and Ozzie & Harriet. The theatre was sold in 1963 and the exterior was given a face-lift and in 1974, Plitt Theatres took over. The theater closed in 1980, and was soon demolished to make way for the Twin Towers.

This photo was taken in 1922 about one year after the Palace Theatre first opened


Today, June 2, is actress Sally Kellerman's 74th birthday. She is best known for her role as Hotlips Houlihan in the 1970 movie M*A*S*H