Sunday, July 10, 2011

Midnight Blue
Melissa Manchester (1975)


Born in Evansville, Indiana, on July 10, 1945, actor Ron Glass turns 66 today.

The High Chaparral
(1967 - 1971)

The High Chaparral is a Western series which aired on NBC from 1967 to 1971. The show revolved around Big John Cannon (Leif Erickson), a rancher who lived in the Arizona Territory in the 1870s. He ran the ranch with his brother Buck (Cameron Mitchell) and son Billy "Blue Boy" (Mark Slade). Blue Boy's mother was killed in the first episode by an Indian arrow through the window, and John Cannon courted and later married Victoria (Linda Cristal), the daughter of the powerful Don Sebastián Montoya. His marriage to Victoria Montoya brought her brother Manolito (Henry Darrow) to live with the family. The High Chaparral aired the first season on Sunday nights at 9:00 Central Time, then moved to Friday nights at 6:30 for the remainder of its run.

Hawaiian Eye
(1959 - 1963)

Hawaiian Eye is an American television series that aired on ABC from October 1959 to September 1963. Private investigator Tracey Steele (Anthony Eisley) and his half-Hawaiian partner, Tom Lopaka (Robert Conrad) own Hawaiian Eye, a combination detective agency and private security firm, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their principal client is the Hawaiian Village Hotel, which in exchange for security services, provides the agency with a luxurious private compound on the hotel grounds. The partners investigate mysteries and protect clients with the sometime help of photographer Cricket Blake (Connie Stevens) who also sings at the hotel's Shell Bar, and a ukelele-playing cab driver Kim Quisado (Poncie Ponce) who has relatives throughout the islands. Engineer turned detective Greg McKenzie (Grant Williams) joined the agency later on as a full partner, while hotel social director Philip Barton (Troy Donahue) lent a hand after Tracey Steele left. Hawaiian Eye aired on Wednesday nights at 8:00 Central Time and switched to 7:30 on Tuesday nights for its final season.

Surfside 6
(1960 - 1962)

Surfside 6 is an ABC television series about a Miami Beach detective agency set on a houseboat. It starred Troy Donahue as Sandy Winfield, II, Van Williams as Kenny Madison (a character recycled from Bourbon Street Beat, a similar series that had appeared in the same time slot the season before), and Lee Patterson as Dave Thorne. Diane McBain co-starred as socialite Daphne Dutton, whose yacht was berthed next to their houseboat. Margarita Sierra also had a supporting role as Cha Cha O'Brien, an entertainer who worked at The Boom Boom Room, a popular Miami Beach hangout at the Fontainebleau Hotel, directly across the street from Surfside 6. The show aired Monday nights at 8:00 Central Time.

(1965 - 1966)

Branded is a Western series which aired on NBC for two seasons from 1965 through 1966 The show starred Chuck Connors as Jason McCord, a United States Army Cavalry captain who had been drummed out of the service following an unjust accusation of cowardice. Branded aired on Sunday nights at 7:30pm Central Time.

Mr. Novak
(1963 - 1965)

Mr. Novak is a one-hour dramatic series that aired on NBC for two seasons, from 1963-1965. Mr Novak starred James Franciscus in the title role as an idealistic first-year English teacher at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles who often got involved in the lives of his students and fellow teachers. Principal Albert Vane was played by Dean Jagger When Jagger left the series in 1964, Burgess Meredith played new principal Martin Woodridge. The show was broadcast on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Central time.

I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
(1962 - 1963)

I'm Dickens, He's Fenster is an American sitcom that ran on ABC during the 1962-1963 season. The series starred John Astin and Marty Ingels as carpenters Harry Dickens and Arch Fenster. Emmaline Henry appeared as Harry's wife, Kate. Appearing regularly, as members of the construction gang Dickens and Fenster worked with were Frank DeVol (as Myron Bannister), Dave Ketchum (Mel Warshaw), Henry Beckman (Mulligan), and Noam Pitlik (Bentley). I'm Dickens, He's Fenster aired on Friday nights at 8:00 Central Time.

Honey West
(1965 - 1966)

Honey West is an American crime drama television series that aired on ABC during the 1965-1966 television season. The series starred Anne Francis as female private detective Honey West and John Ericson as her partner Sam Bolt. Honey West aired on Friday nights at 8:00 Central Time.

Liam Dunn
(November 12, 1916 – April 11, 1976)

Liam Dunn was born in New Jersey in 1916 and died in Grandada Hills, California, in 1976. He frequently portrayed characters who were verbally and/or physically abused in a slapstick way. Though only 59 years old at his death, he always looked much older and was cast accordingly.

Liam Dunn appeared in television in series such as Bonanza, Room 222, Alias Smith and Jones, Mannix, Gunsmoke, Barney Miller, McMillan & Wife, Rhoda, Sanford and Son, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In the movies he appeared in What's Up, Doc? (1972), Blazing Saddles (1973), Young Frankenstein (1974), and Silent Movie (1976).