Tuesday, January 29, 2013


GILDA (1946)

GILDA, released in 1946 by Columbia Pictures, directed by Charles Vidor, stars Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, and George Macready. Just arrived in Argentina, small-time crooked gambler Johnny Farrell is saved from a gunman by the sinister boss of a South American casino, who makes Johnny his right-hand man. Their friendship becomes strained when the older man returns from a trip with a wife, the supremely desirable Gilda, whom Johnny once knew and learned to hate.


NOTORIOUS, released in 1946 by RKO Radio Pictures, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, stars Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern, and Frank Wilcox. (Look for Bea Benaderet and Virginia Gregg is cameo roles as file clerks!) Following the conviction of her German father for treason against the United States, a young woman is approached by a government agent who asks her to spy on a group of her father's Nazi friends operating out of Rio de Janeiro.


THE STRANGER WORE A GUN, released by Columbia Pictures in 1953, directed by Andre de Toth, stars Randolph Scott, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Claire Trevor, and George Macready. Having been a spy for Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War, Jeff Travis thinks he is a wanted man and flees to Prescott, Arizona, where he runs into a man named Jules Mourret who knows of Travis' past. He takes a job on the stage line that Mourret is attempting to rob for the gold shipments. When Mourret's men kill a friend of his, Travis sets out to get Mourret and his gang.


THE GUNFIGHTER, released in 1950 by 20th Century Fox Pictures, directed by Henry King, stars Gregory Peck, Karl Malden, Elen Corby, Alan Hale Jr., Skip Homeier, Verna Felton, and Richard Jaeckel. An aging gunslinger rides into a strange town where he is immediately recognized in order to see his sweetheart whom he hasn't seen in more than eight years.